Explore charmingly eclectic art objects made and designed by Shelby Donnelly in Philadelphia. 

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Ines Chateau, 2017 ink, gesso, marker, crayon

Slow Grooming, foundation makeup, graphite, watercolor, gesso made with Pinaud Powder

Sailboat Sheet Set, 2018 linen, watercolor, graphite, gesso made with Pinaud Powder

The Same, 2018 watercolor, foundation makeup, graphite, gesso made with Pinaud Powder

Pulled Up By the Hair, 2018 make-up, gesso made with Pinaud Powder, graphite.

Handmade Afterlife Faux Plant, Fabric thread, bells.

Riding Heathers 47x80" sewn and appliquéd fabric, screen print, fake hair 

Pierrot at Midnight Blanket Screenprint on fabric quilt 62x83"

My Sister Sings the Saddest Songs
48x58" sewn and hand dyed fabric, embroidery, fake hair 

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