"I use the sewing machine as a drawing tool to construct art to wear-- one-of-a kind-clothing. Each seam is an invention." --Shelby Donnelly, Owner/Designer of Wear to Wall.

Shelby Donnelly, owner and designer at Wear to Wall, is a multidisciplinary artist based in Philadelphia. Donnelly founded Wear to Wall in 2019 after making her best friend's wedding skirt. She realized that by her artwork being on the body activated the art by playing a part in the wearer's everyday experiences. Donnelly collages together stories from literature, history, and everyday life into one-of-a-kind garments.

Wear to Wall exists at the intersection between apparel and art-art can be both worn and framed for the wall. Wear to Wall is a progressive initiative to make couture and fine art approachable and is committed to sustainable practices in all aspects of production. Donnelly designs and collages all garments using carefully sourced historical fabrics that she screen prints and dyes by hand. Defying traditional sewing techniques, every stitch is considered, becoming marks and textures for the garment. All of the garments are made from existing materials, making each piece more than 80% recycled.

To see artwork by Shelby Donnelly visit shelbydonnelly.com

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