About Wear to Wall

Wear To Wall® is a unique apparel brand because each design is produced as an individual piece, making it more like artwork. The design process starts with the materials determining the size of a piece, which ultimately dictates the design itself. The garment is complete once all the designated materials get used. The limited edition pieces are made from patterns and assembled with a variety of fabrics, making each piece unique.

Art to wear pieces are not made from patterns and instead are “built’ like sculptures and composed like “drawings.” Wear to Wall designs are one-of-a-kind with materials and fabrics that are historical, serendipitously sourced, and created in a zero waste process from start to finish. These pieces are true originals—no other will ever exist.

Shelby Donnelly

Artist, Shelby Donnelly, founded Wear To Wall® with the intention to make her artwork wearable. Using techniques in fiber arts and printmaking, along with her interest in dance, these pieces translate to highly performative works that can be worn on the body.

Other Works by Shelby